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Remote Printer Monitoring & Inventory Management

Our free remote monitoring technology allows us to keep an eye on your printers and manage your toner inventory for you, making your life easier and our service more responsive. It notifies us of printer problems, often before your users are even aware there is a problem, and keeps track of your inventory so you don’t have to.

Is there a security risk? No, we use an industry standard printer monitoring program that resides inside your firewall, so absolutely no penetration or modification. We simply configure the program to send us printer alerts and status reports using your normal email services.

How does it work? We developed proprietary software that loads your e-mail into our client database, where a work order or delivery ticket is generated. You don’t have to call and tell us a printer is broken, we typically know before you do. You don’t have to call and request a toner delivery, we are constantly tracking page usage and projecting toner requirements.

Is it hard to set up? No, it usually takes all of 30 minutes. An Uptime Resources representative assists your IT admin in installing and setting it up over the phone.

Can you use it to provide reports? Yes, we generate monthly or quarterly reports detailing your usage, repairs and costs.

If you would like to know more we would be happy to talk to you. You can reach us at (415) 348-9900 or toll free (888) 291-2100.


Free maintenance & repair service

Our most popular program. No contract. 4 hour onsite service. Free parts & labor – all included in the cost of the toner. For less than you're paying now. 100% guaranteed.

Price per Page – as low as 1¢ pp

Toner, maintenance and service included. PrintSmarter™ managed printers. No contracts, no minimums, no fine print.

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