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Printer Service

Is there ever a good time? When the printer jams or stops printing, you and your associates have important things to do. We understand what is at stake. Dealing with the printer is our job and we will respond immediately. Most laser printer failures are due to common problems and can often be diagnosed over the phone. We are happy to help.

But sometimes you need more. We have over 22 years and 50,000 printers behind us. We service Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Xerox laser printers. Color laser printers and monochrome (black & white) laser printers. Our technicians are certified on every HP LaserJet and most other models. Our immediate response dispatched printer technicians are just that, printer technicians. They don't fix computers, just printers. We maintain our own warehouse of spare parts to ensure that there are no delays. We fix 95% of all repairs on the first visit. You can count on us to deliver the same-day service you need.

On-Site HP Warranty Support

For most laser printers, the manufacturer's warranty covers parts and labor for at least one year after purchase, and allows for replacement of defective products at no charge. Uptime Resources is a Hewlett-Packard Authorized Support Provider and an HP Authorized Warranty Delivery Partner (AWDP). If your HP laser printer is still covered under warranty, in most cases we can repair your equipment at no charge. On-site service is also available for a nominal travel charge.

Annual Service Agreements

For organizations where laser printers are mission critical we offer service plans to eliminate your risk. Our focus is on preventative maintenance and immediate response. Service plans include annual preventative maintenance service - and all parts or labor for any needed repairs for one year. Your expenses are budgeted and, most importantly, contained. If the printer is under our care, no matter what goes wrong, we fix it for no additional charge. If we can’t have it running perfectly in 48 hours, we’ll even install a temporary replacement for most printer models.

Could you make it by without paying for a service plan? Maybe. But what is the cost of new printer? What is the cost of the down time to replace it?

Time & Materials Technical Support

Sometimes it just doesn’t make good business sense to purchase a service plan. We understand. We support you only as needed based on the time and materials incurred. Rates for routine maintenance or repair service for black & white laser printers are flat fees. If we cannot resolve the issue on the first visit, you don’t pay for a subsequent visit. Color laser printers are more complex, so we do charge by the hour for repairs. All of our services are 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed. No Questions. No quibbling.

For questions or to learn more about pricing call (415) 348-9900 or toll free (888) 291-2900.


Free maintenance & repair service

Our most popular program. No contract. 4 hour onsite service. Free parts & labor – all included in the cost of the toner. For less than you're paying now. 100% guaranteed.

Price per Page – as low as 1¢ pp

Toner, maintenance and service included. PrintSmarter™ managed printers. No contracts, no minimums, no fine print.
  "One of those relationships you really like. You don't have to think about it twice, they'll be there."  

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