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Price Per Page

For organizations looking for total printer management, and the convenience of paying on a monthly basis, Uptime Resources offers a “price per page” solution. You only pay for what you print. There are no monthly minimums, no surcharges. Our program includes everything: supplies, maintenance, repairs, remote management and inventory management and monthly or quarterly reports.
Will you have to purchase new printers? No, unlike with most “price per page” solutions we don’t need to sell you new equipment. The equipment you have is almost always adequate. New printers or centralized printing using multi-function devices (MFPs) can sometimes offer workflow or process efficiencies. But honestly most organizations have more than enough printer hardware, hardware that is already owned and paid for. Our programs cost less per page than manufacturer based initiatives and are designed to leverage your existing investment in equipment.
Not sure what your current printing costs really are? We'll be happy to give you a free report with real numbers, toner, repairs, support, everything. Free Cost Reduction Analysis

To speak to someone about our programs or our pricing you can reach us at (415) 348-9900 or toll free (888) 291-2100.


Dramatically reduce your costs

Our Print Smarter programs reduce your direct operating costs by 25%-35%.

No contracts or minimums
We work without contracts, minimums or enrollment fees.
Services and supplies are 100% guaranteed. No questions. No quibbling.
Free up IT staff resources
Free remote monitoring allows us share the burden of first response with your team. No firewall issues. No security risk.
Get better, faster printer support
Our certified technicians are on-site within 4 hours, guaranteed. First time fix rate? 95%

  "We no longer pay huge sums for maintenance … we are saving five figures every year!"  


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