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Case Studies

High Technology Firm Dramatically Reduces Printer Support Costs!

Netopia, a global leader for hub /router technologies for networks and the internet, has over 300 employees, most based in Emeryville. There are 50 networked printers in the three Bay Area locations.  The talented IT staff had no training in printer repair and was hard pressed to keep up with the ever changing technology and rapid growth of the company.  They needed a printer management solution that not only cuts costs, but also allowed them to focus on the more difficult issues that they were trained for.

The Result:  All maintenance costs were eliminated “saving over $ five figures per year”. Immediate on-site printer support and “just-in-time” delivery of toner supplies – all consolidated under one vendor, one printer management program.

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Network Administrator Eliminates Printer Support Expenses


Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. is one of the largest independent insurance brokerage firms in the US, with over 200 employees and 38 networked printers. The small IT staff needed to find a way to extend the life of their printers, dramatically reduce the printer support costs and yet still be able to add the new printers needed to support their company's continuing growth. 

The Results: Reduced printer costs by 33% while adding 15 additional printers and freeing up valuable IT staff time for other challenges.

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Creating More Resources on a Limited Budget!

How does a public institution such as the San Francisco Public Library, with limited funding and staff resources, provide state of the art technology services such as free on-line computers for general public use and on-site WIFI access in 27 branch locations? Not an easy task. The IT staff support approximately 1200 computers and 50 servers. Over 40% of the computers are dedicated to public use and connected to shared laser printers. They were spending about a quarter of their time on printer issues.

The Results: 25% more staff time. Quality printer support and “peace of mind” included for free with supplies - at the same cost as they were spending before on just toner alone.

Restoring confidence in the IT department!

Filice, Brown, Eassa & McLeod LLP is a successful law firm managing cases for companies like Bayer, Ford, Chevron, BART, Dow Chemicals, and General Motors. With a staff of approximately 40 attorneys and over 100 users, the new IT management needed to restore credibility after a lengthy period of unsatisfactory internal support. Printer problems were undermining user confidence and draining scarce IT staff time needed for the more immediate goals of application upgrades and improving the network & document management systems.

The Result:  Savings of $4,000-$5,000 per year. Improved levels of customer satisfaction. Allowing the IT staff to get the network infrastructure up to speed, upgrade applications and put the new document management system is in place.


Free maintenance & repair service

Our most popular program. No contract. 4 hour onsite service. Free parts & labor – all included in the cost of the toner. For less than you're paying now. 100% guaranteed.

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Toner, maintenance and service included. PrintSmarter™ managed printers. No contracts, no minimums, no fine print.

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