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Case Studies

The Company: Filice Brown Eassa & Mcleod
Filice, Brown, Eassa & McLeo
d LLP is a law firm managing complex cases for difficult issues including toxic tort litigation, environmental law, and product liability.  They employ approximately 40 attorneys.  Their customers are firms like Bayer, Ford, Chevron, BART, Dow Chemicals, and General Motors. The over 100 users are now supported by an IT staff of 3 network administrators.

The Problem: Freeing up IT staff to focus on important infrastructure issues

When Arnold Bautista, IT Manager, arrived at the firm there was no in-house printer support available. “We would spend too much time trying to diagnose a printer problem,” says Bautista, “then would ultimately end up outsourcing it.” There were one or two problematic printers, for which this would happen every week.  “You would just cringe when you saw the complaint,” he says.

New on the job, after an extended period of unsatisfactory IT support for the firm, Bautista needed to re-establish credibility for a growing IT department.  “Printer issues can really tear down the confidence and the perception of professionalism in the IT department,” he says.

He felt that the priorities were application upgrades, network infrastructure optimization, and improving the document management system – not printers. 

The Solution: Printer Umbrella – free parts & labor, guaranteed 4 hour on-site service!

Uptime Resources introduced Bautista to one of its most popular solutions: the Printer Umbrella program. The program is a total printer management program including free delivery of toner and free on-site maintenance and repair services – all guaranteed in 4 hours.  What Bautista liked the most was that the program did not require any long term commitment or fixed monthly costs like other printer management programs he was considering.

“I thought there had to be some hidden costs …” he says. But the firm pays only for toner that it uses. There is no guesswork, no risk. All service is included.

The Results: Savings of $ 4,000 – 5,000 per year and more staff time for building dependable systems. Almost two years after enrolling onto the Printer Umbrella program, Bautista is still very pleased with the service and quality of the supplies.

“When we switched to the Printer Umbrella brand of toner none of the users even noticed,” he says, “Technicians are always professional; always courteous, never get frustrated. Regardless of what the issue is: replacement toner, paper jam, maintenance kits, - they’re here in 4 hours.”

Has the program helped to accomplish what Arnold Bautista had wanted?

“It has been nothing but trouble- free since we started. We have peace of mind …no matter how broken, unfixable or weird the problem,” acknowledges Bautista, “Toner costs actually come out to be less than projected and the savings are about $4-$5,000 per year.”

The network infrastructure is now up to speed, applications are upgraded and the new document management system in place.  The Printer Umbrella program was also a big part of improving overall customer service and satisfaction. Bautista and his associates are free to focus next year on training, new applications, and disaster recovery planning.



Free maintenance & repair service

Our most popular program. No contract. 4 hour onsite service. Free parts & labor – all included in the cost of the toner. For less than you're paying now. 100% guaranteed.

Price per Page – as low as 1¢ pp

Toner, maintenance and service included. PrintSmarter™ managed printers. No contracts, no minimums, no fine print.
  “Toner costs actually come out to be less
than projected and
the savings are about
$4-$5000 per year.”


Arnold Bautista,
IT Manager 













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